The DACCORD is a state-of-the-art Digital-to-Analog converter with integrated crossfeed and volume controlled outputs.

One of the main purposes of the DACCORD is to provide maximum sound quality for as little as money as possible. Therefore this converter has no fancy enclosure and its appearance is relatively slim.

However, inside two top-of-the-line Wolfson D/A converter chips in dual-mono mode, a large battery of audiophile capacitors, ultra-fast opamps in class-A, high-precision oscillators (TCXO's) and many other very high-quality components are found that are exemplary for this price-class.

Two coxial, one optical, as well as an USB-input allow for easy connection of any digital source, including your computer. A variable output allows to directly drive a poweramplifier or a pair of active loudspeakers.

The converter uses the newest Wolfson WM8804 S/PDIF receiver chip which, instead of a conventional analog PLL, uses its own separate high-precision quartz-clock. Thus much higher jitter reduction can be achieved then with more traditional receivers.

A unique feature of the DACCORD is the built-in extended natural crossfeed-filter. Whereas the functionality of the natural crossfeed filter as found in our headphone amplifiers is limited to frequencies upto around 800 Hz this new filter has a much wider bandwidth and now covers the whole range from DC..2000 Hz in which the human ear is sensitive for directional information. The result is a more stable imaging when the crossfeed is activated whilst listening by headphone.
Technical details
2 coaxial S/PDIF inputs (Cinch)

1 optical S/PDIF input (Toslink)

1 USB-input port (24bit/192kHz)

All inputs electrically isolated using pulse transformers.

1 pair of outputs with fixed output level.
          Output level 2.2 Vrms

1 pair of volume-controlled preamplifier outputs.
          Output level: 6.0 Vrms / High gain
                                 2,4 Vrms / Medium gain
                                 0.9 Vrms / Low gain

Gold-plated output jacks

Silver plated heavy duty switches

Separate powerlines for the analog circuitry and the digital circuitry

All voltage lines double or three-fold regulated

Wide-range powerinput: 85..265V AC / 85..370V DC

Built-in groundloop breaker

Low impedance audiophile electrolytic buffer capacitors (Nichicon Fine Gold). Buffer capacity > 30.000 uF

Polystyrol and polypropylen (Vishay) capacitors in the signal path

C-MEDIA CM6631 USB-to-S/PDIF receiver (24bit/192kHz)

WOLFSON WM8804 S/PDIF receiver

Three IQD temperature compensated 2.5 ppm crystal oscillators (TCXO's) for minimal jitter.

2 pieces WOLFSON WM8741 D/A converter-chip in dual-mono mode

Sampling frequencies / resolution
          32, 44, 48, 88, 96, 192 kHz / 16, 20, 24 bit (S/PDIF, USB)

AD797 opamps biased into class-A

ALPS RK27 potentiometer for volume-control

Extended natural crossfeed filter

3 intensity levels for the crossfeed signal.


Weight: 1.7 kg

Size: 28.0 x 17.5 x 6.7 cm

Power uptake: 6 Watts